The Maps application organizes statistics from the base according to the degree of similarity of the distribution of selected statistic on voivodships

The result of the comparison is presented on the maps. The map on the left (on the small screens it is the top map) presents the base statistics, the one to which we compare. Whereas the map on the right (on the small screens is the bottom map), the distribution of the compared statistics is presented.

In addition to the presentation on the maps, the degree of similarity is presented in the bar chart.

Currently, the database contains 240 statistics published by the Central Statistical Office (GUS - Główny Urząd Statystyczny), Local Data Bank (NDL - Bank Danych Lokalnych) and the National Electoral Commission (PKW - Państwowa Komisja Wyborcza).

The application calculates the degree of similarity of the relative distribution of statistics on voivodships. This means that the most similar statistic (in practice the one to which the others are compared to) is similar in 100% and the one that is the least similar is similar in 0%. This version of the algorithm does not calculate absolute likeness.