I do select...

Do you know that most people make decisions
based on only one criterion?
Other criteria are just rationalization.
And yet it moves.
But can go faster ...

How does it work?

Why are these results so strange?
With one criterion it is simple.
Two can be understood.
But with three starts to be...


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GSM subscriptions

Small fish has a perfect subscription.
She saw the result of the comparison.
Now it flows quickly,
to save more.

GSM Starters

They told I had everything for free.
They did not say that after paying.
But I already know the real value
my super starter.

What next?

More models

In the near future we will publish a model that allows you to choose a diet based on many criteria, including calorific value, vitamins, amino acids, fiber, etc.

And next? Many, many ideas.

Join us.